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Stocking rules

Storage rules

The storage rules of elastomers is defined by the standard ISO 2230:2002

Articles must not be outdoor stored, only indoor and under certain conditions:

- Température : Temperature must be under 25°C (77°F). Articles must be stored far from hear sources. (Radiator, sunlight …). If the storage temarature is under 15°C (59°F) articles must be handled with care and must stabilized at approximately 20°C (68°F) before use (depending on the total mass and volume)

- Humidité : The relative humidity of the storage place should be lower than 70 % (65% for polyurethans).

- Lumière : Articles must be protected from the direct sunlight and UV.

- Radiation : Articles should be kept away from ionizing radiation.

- Ozone : Stockage warehouse should not contain any ozone generating equipment (Mercury lamp…). There should be any organic vapor nor combution gas that can increase the ozone level.

- Contact : Articles should not be in contact with liquids (for exemple : Hydrocarbons, grease, oil, acids or solvents) or their vapor at any moment during storage.

- Metaux : Some metals and their alloys (mostly copper and manganese) are known for their distroyer effetcs on some rubbers. Rubber should not be stocked in contact with those metals (except for bonded parts).

We kindly advise you to consulte the complete ISO 2230:2002 standard available on this website : AFNOR Website

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