Chromex production and sales of sealing solutions.

Chromex, more than 80 years of know-how in the gasket industry.

Chromex has a strong position on the national market thanks to its know-how/expertise and skills. The french global expert of sealing solutions belongs to / is part of the TECHNE Group. Thanks to the reactivity and flexibility of its team, Chromex became one of the most important market player.

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Composition of hydraulic seals

Chromex : flexibility and reactivity of a SME

  • Orders sent before 4pm for available items will be shipped out on the same day.
  • Phone quotations / Estimates for standard pieces.
  • Production of cut-out seals during the week.
  • Meet the customer’ needs

…coupled with the power of a group.

  • Permanent availability of more than 15 000 references.
  • Technical team of 20 people.
  • Competitive production facilities 
  • From prototype to large series.

A committed leader in industrial sealing

French production

Chromex made in France

One of Chromex’s top priority is to develop the local economy and take care of our planet. Therefore, Chromex chose to produce the cut-out as well as the machined parts in France.

Thanks to this local production, Chromex is able to provide gaskets within 24 Hours to its customers. 

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction client Chromex

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of / inspires each decision made by Chromex. To this end, the company controls the quality of the products as well as of the provided services. 
Chromex initiated an ISO certification in order to maintain a high level of performance / quality.
Customer satisfaction means also developping a healthy realtionship with the customers. Chromex is committed to always be honest, fair and trustworthy towards its customers.


Chromex development research

Chromex set up an R&D team. Thanks to this R&D team, Chromex will be able to offer high-performing and competitive products. 
Our team of experts is also able to assist / support you during the production of your specific gasket needs.
Thanks to its CNC machine tools, Chromex is able to offer you the most suitable solutions to your hydraulic equipment within 24 Hours (protoypes made on demand). 

Chromex : key figures

references on stock
Delivery for available stock
pieces manufactured on our site (91)

Chromex : the cut gaskets

Chromex is an expert in tailor-made sealing solutions. Chromex developped its  know-how of drawing based gaskets since its creation in the 40's. 

Thanks to its knowledge and its equipment, the Chromex team is able to answer all customers enquiries very quickly. Gaskets can be produced within one week if raw meterial is available. The thickness, hardness (shore) and the material are determined according to required needs of the project. Chromex can provide a lot of differents materials (rubbers, fibres and TESNIT fibres, thermoplastics, Graphite with inserts etc.). 
Chromex can also offer tailor-made gaskets with specific certifications according to the customers needs. The expert in sealing solutions cooperates with companies working in high regulated industries, as for example the Health or food industry, aerospace or gas industry. Conformity of the products is ensured through our coworkers as well as through our test reports. 

Joint cutting to plan

Privileged assistance

Chromex is more than just a gasket producer. In fact, we have at heart to advise our customers. Our human-size company enables us to offer you a personnalized support during the entire process of production until delivery of your order.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any quote or request

Multi-specialist sealing solutions expert

Chromex’s know-how and those of the group placed the company to the level of multi-specialist and increased its fame in various industries. Chromex is a company of industrial sealing solutions on the global market with more than 15 000 references available on a regular basis and 70 000 references available at short notice.

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Below are some of the items that you will find at Chromex :  

  • Machined parts (produced within 3 days at our parent company facility) ;
  • Bushings ;
  • Oil seals ;
  • Orings ;
  • Hydraulic seals ;
  • Cut-out seals produced at our facility ;
  • Aseptic seals
  • etc. 

Thanks to their expertise in sealing solutions, our coworkers can advise you in order to choose the best solution for your equipment.


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