Our guiding tapes for your industrial equipments

Guiding components are subjected to radial loads of forces working within the hydraulic cylinder and guide the cylinder head and the rod in the cylinder bore.

Guiding rings and guiding tapes avoid contact of metals parts of the hydraulic cylinder components: this prevents from early deterioration of the hydraulic cylinder.  
Guiding components keep the rod and the piston of the hydraulic cylinder centered, thus ensuring the sealing system of the rod and the piston. 

Guiding components used in hydraulic cylinders are most of the time made of polymer. This material ensures a better duration of use and limits erosion of the cylinder’s surfaces. The surface condition of some polymers allows to obtain a lower surface roughness and therefore a better friction coefficient. 

Chromex - Piston guide range presentation
Chromex - Guiding rings

Guiding rings

The most commonly used guiding elements in the industrial field are the guiding rings. Guiding rings are washers that have 4 chamfered edges. These are wear-rings with a cut usually between 30 to 45°.

The guiding section must be continuously lubricated within the hydraulic cylinder, especially when mounted and with the same lubricant than the one used for the cylinder.

Chromex benefits from a wide range of guiding sections in various materials.
We can provide you with POM guiding rings filled with glass fibre but also guiding rings made of cotton and phenolic resin.
Moreover, we can also provide you with guiding machined parts in different materials such as PTFE, polyoxymethylene (POM), polyamide (PA) but also in elastomer according to your needs. These seals are machined parts and produced at our head office plant in France, Techné. 

Guiding tapes

In matter of guiding components, we can also mention guiding tapes. 

Chromex has available stock of tape rolls that you could use according the required dimensions. Guiding tapes are packed as rolls. Therefore, we have the possibility to offer tailor-made guiding tapes that will be cut according to the size you need. 

Chromex - Guiding tapes

Chromex benefits from different sizes of on stock guiding tapes. We can provide you with tapes of PTFE/Bronze, or in a mix of synthetic fibres or of polyester resin and PTFE. These types of guiding tapes will ensure an excellent product lifetime and an excellent friction coefficient especially for the first one.

PTFE Bronze guiding tapes can support important speed in the hydraulic cylinder while ensuring perfect guiding of the rod within the cylinder head and of the piston within the cylinder bore. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you determine the size, the material and the cutting angle according to your requirements.