A group of experts of sealing solutions and tailor-made seal kits

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Chromex joined the Techné group in 2004. Chromex is specialised in the production of cut gaskets as well as in hydraulic seals. Chromex is also well-know for its now-how to create special kits according to your needs. Chromex benefits from a wide range of seals in order to answer your needs with no delay.


Créat has been created in 1988 and offers a wide range of standard and tailor-made seals to its customers. Créat is specialised in moulded parts and operates on 4 major markets: aircraft, railroad, precision engineering and general industry. 
Créat joined Techné in January 2015 in order to continue to grow and to create new possibilities for serial productions of moulded parts made in France.

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H+ Valves

H+ Valves joined the Techné group in 1981, and is specialised in safety valves and in sampling valves. Its know-how allows H+ Valves to offer a wide range of safety products to its customers: flame arrestors, coated valves (PTFE, PFA, ceramic), tank pressurization systems, bursting discs …
H+ Valves takes care of the entire installation (R&D, machining/manufacturing, tests, assembling and adjustments of your system).


Rampini has been established in Milan in 1950. This entity is specialised in the valves industry.
H+ Valves acquired Rampini in 2010. Thanks to this acquisition, Rampini entered the valves department of the Techné group.

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Techné is the parent company. It has been created by Georges Fontaines in the 80s.  
Techné’s primary activity was trading but then Techné chose to diversify its activity. Therefore, at the end of the 80’s, Techné started to produce machined and tailor-made parts.
Techné benefits from a wide stock of standard seals (O-rings, oil seals, bushes…). The company has also the possibility to produce specific machined parts (rod and piston seals, wipers, rubber and plastic seals…).
Techné started to establish subsidiaries mainly in Europe and then in Asia. Techné invests a lot in its subsidiaries so as to increase and upgrade its skills but also in order to best meet the expectations and needs of the customers.