Oil seals : a key part of your sealing solution

Chromex benefits from a wide range of oil seals: these seals ensure the sealing of industrial fluids on rotary shafts. Oil seals are also called lip seals. Chromex standard oil seals comply with the DIN 3760, DIN 3761 or ISO 6194 standards.
We can provide you with various types of oil seal profiles, with a great choice of materials and responding to specific constraints. 

Oil seals are fitted on rotary shafts and ensure sealing of lubrications fluids. This type of seals creates a radial and dynamic sealing and therefore avoids fluids leakage (oil or grease most of the time). Some oil seals have a dust lip that will keep dirt outside of the application area.

Standard rotary shaft seals are composed of 3 elements: a rubber part (NBR, FKM, MVQ etc.), a metal part and a spring (the spring can be made of stainless steel).

Purpose of an oil seal

Chromes provides a wider range of available oil seals in order to help you determine the best profile for your needs: 

  • Simple lip oil seals (Chromex’s designation is SL or A type according to DIN3760) and double lips (Chromex’s designation is DL or AS type according DIN3760). These seals can be mounted in electric engines, in gearboxes, pumps etc.
  • Oil seals with metal case and single lip (Chromex’s designation is AEX SL , B type according to DIN3760) and double lip (Chromex’s designation is AEX DL, BS type according to DIN3760). We can provide these seals for applications involving boats, heavy machinery etc.  
  • Oil seals with closed metal case and single lip ( Chromex’s deisgnation is T2 SL, or C type according to DIN3760) and double lip (Chromex’s designation is T2 DL, or CS type according to DIN3760). These seals can be used for applications involving heavy machinery, ironworks or public works, etc. 

These profiles are part of our standard range and are available on stock. Chromex can also offer you many other profiles which could suit your needs and requirements.

FKM sealing ring

How to choose the best adapted oil seal ?

Chromex can provide you with a wide range of oil seals which will meet your needs and requirements.

It is very important to determine the oil seal which will perfectly meet your requirements according to the application and to the working temperature. Our team will be able to offer you the best material according to the working temperature range and the fluids that will be in contact with the oil seal. We have standardized oil seals in Nitrile (NBR), in Fluorocarbon (FKM or Viton™) but also in many other materials, such as Silicone (MVQ). 

Moreover, rotating speed and level of pressure are important information to share in order to offer you the best profile for your application. Our fluorocarbon oil seals (FKM or Viton™) have a stainless steel spring (AISI 304 most of the time).   

In case of specific use, such as food applications, we can also provide you with machined oil seals parts. Our Chromex team will be glad to advise you in the choice of your oil seals (size, profile, material).