Our tailor-made products for your specific needs

As an expert in sealing solutions, Chromex benefits from a wide range of industrial products for sealing and sliding-parts. Considering our permanent stock of more than 15 000 items, it was impossible for us to present you all our products. You will find a compendium of the items we have on stock or in short-time. 

V-Rings (or V-Seals) Chromex


V-Rings (or V-Seals) are sealing items on rotating shafts:  V-rings ensure the rotary sealing and protect rotary shafts from external pollution. V-rings are flexible seals with a face-lip and an outer wrap on the back side of the seal: rubbing efforts are therefore weak. These seals can also be used for static sealing in some systems. 
You cand find 4 types of V-Rings at Chromex: 

  • V-Ring VA type: a standard seal that can work for most of the applications.
  • V-Ring VS type: the body of the seal is thicker but the section is thinner. This V-ring is perfect for small dimensions. 
  • V-Ring VL type: the body of the seal is thinner, the section is thicker. This V-ring is perfect for tight assembly.
  • V-Ring VE type: this seal is perfect for large dimensions because it has a large section size and you have the possibility to fix it to the shaft (thanks to a strapping on its outer diameter).


The end-cover TVK are used to obstruct a way, in particular in the car industry. These seals are mainly used in the car industry as stoppers, in crankcases and engines. TVK end-cover are made of metal inserts with rubber (mainly NBR or FPM).
Chromex supplies 2 big families of end-covers: TVK (completely covered with elastomer) and the 1/2  E TVK (the frame is not entirely covered, to be used for precision assembly). 

 End-cover TVK
Bonded Seals Chromex

Bonded Seals

Bonded Seals (BS) are used in sealing of threaded stoppers or fittings. Bonded seals are made up of a metal part with a vulcanized elastomer lip on it. Bonded seals have a better pressure resistance and the sealing action is ensured by the elastomer ring. Therefore, bonded seals have replaced copper gaskets. 
As a sealing solution expert, Chromex offers two large families of bonded seals: 

  • Standard Bonded Seals: the most common family. These seals fit almost all types of threadings and fittings. 
  • Self-centered Bonded Seals: these seals have an additional internal thin strip allowing to be centered on the thread. 

As for the metal part, Chromex can offer different possibilities for steel bonded in standard steel as well as for stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316). 

Aseptic seals

Aseptic seals are standardized seals in order to fit requirements of the health, pharmaceutical and food industry. The sizes follow standards of different tubes such as USOD, SMS, DIN 11851, NORSK, ISO, BSOD. 
Chromex is able to offer you different types of products of this range:

  • D-Rings: can also be called half-O-rings or dairy fitting seals. These seals are mainly used in the food industry. 
  • Clamp gaskets: used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, clamp gaskets can be with flange (type A) or without (type B). 
  • Enveloped gaskets: These gaskets are made of an outside PTFE wrapping and a flat rubber part. This type of seal is more commonly used in the chemical and the pharmaceutical industries.
  • SMS seals: These aseptic seals fit the standard SMS1149 and can only be mounted in fittings SMS1146/1147 (for 1145 tubes). 

Aseptic seals can be produced in different raw material such as NBR, EPDM, FPM, MVQ (silicone) and also with PTFE enveloped for sanitary seals. 
These seals are usually certified CE1935/2004, FDA, ACS, UBA, USP VI according to the used and required raw material. 

Aseptic seals Chromex
Bonded Seals Chromex

Copper gaskets

If you can’t use Bonded Seals, we have the possibility to provide you with copper gaskets for automotive use.
Chromex has available stock for some standard references, but we can also launch a production according to your needs. 
We can also provide you with steel gaskets according to your needs in the sealing area.
These are some of our products that we choose to present. Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your specific requests.