Personalised seal kits for easier maintenance

A seal kit is composed of various seals according to your needs and corresponds to one single reference for the customer. The seal kit will avoid you to have various suppliers to handle with. Only one supplier and one delivery time. The Chromex seal kit will facilitate your stock and supply chain management.  

Seal kits are the perfect solution for aftersales services, in particular for spare parts (aftermarket) or also for engineers / technicians doing the maintenance of machines containing several seals. Seal kits can bbe found in hydraulic equipments, such as jacks, in lifting machineries and and can also commonly be used for the aftermarket (spare parts). 

Sealing kit - Chromex

A tailor-made service by Chromex

Thanks to our seal kits, all your seals will be grouped under only one reference. 
You can ask us to group the number of seals you want, no matter if these have a sealing action or not. 

Thus, Chromex is able to offer a completely personnalized solution. Our seal kits can also be presented under several packagings.

Chromex kit assembly

Set-up of the Chromex seal kits

The whole Chromex seal kits are made up in France and namely at our facility located in Etrechy, in the south of Paris. This know-how is part of Chromex history and enables us to offer many possibilities for your personnalized seal kits

Customize Chromex seal kits

Personnalization of your kit

Your kits can be set up on a plate (we also have the possibility to personnalize your the plate with your brand / logo, depending on the number of needed kits), in a bag or in a box.

Seal kit presentation - Chromex

Assets of the seal kits

Using the Chromex seal kits, will avoid you to have to deal with various suppliers to manage your stock. Our seal kits are personnalized solutions. You will have to manage only one reference instead of many : the purchasing procedure is simplified.
Chromex can take care of supplying / producing the references which are included in your seal kits. 
Moreover, our R & D office can identify your seals in order to compose your seal kit. You can contact our technicians to that end ! 

The personnalization of seal kits allows to have different types of seals in only one kit. You can mix gaskets with other items, such as threadings, machined-parts, metal parts… 
Managing a single reference is a perfect solution for technicians who have to realize the maintaining of equipments : In fact, they have all the necessary seals at hand in one kit. 

kits produced at Etrechy - Chromex

All our seal kits are set up in our plant of Etrechy (91)

picto custom-made kits - Chromex

Personalised seal kits according to your needs.

picto 40 years of experience - Chromex

40 years of experience

custom packaging - Chromex

Possibility to personalize packaging with your company's brand

Why is Chromex the perfect supplyer for your tailor-made kits ?

Chromex is a forerunner in the filed tailor-made seal kits for more than 40 years. Moreover, we benefit from a great experience in the industrial gasket industry. This strength enables us to identify your seal kits and thus to offer you the most adapted solution to your needs.
We also have an important availability of seals for your hydraulic seal kits. Our expertise of more than 40 years allowed us to become partners of huge industrial producers for sealing jacks. 

Personnalizing your kits through Chromex is extra asset to combine sealing gaskets to other types of seals that you will probably have to replace when doing a maintenance of some equipments.
The possibility to put your logo on a sheet, in a blister box or on the label of a bag is an opportunity to sell seal kits in aftersales departments.