Limit friction and reduce wear and tear thanks to our bushes

Bushes are placed between shaft and housing in order to limit frictions, wear and tear, but also to facilitate rotating and/or transferring effects. Bushes can have a cylindrical shape, have flanges and also can take the form of washers. 
Each family of bushes are made of different types of raw material which have all excellent friction qualities and high mechanical properties. The materials used to produce bushes (such as Bronze, PTFE, Lead, Iron, Stainless steel, Graphite, etc.) ensure their resistance to important constraints, in particular, the load, speed, operating temperatures and the fluids involved.
Chromex bushes can be used for dry applications or with lubricant, according to their composition. The entire range of our bushes match the standard ISO 3547 concerning the dimensions.

Chromex Bushes family

Chromex sliding bushes

Our sliding bushes have low friction coefficients. Therefore, they can be used in the entire manufacturing industry. We benefit from a wide range of bushes, on stock or to be produced and we will be able to find the perfect match between your needs and the required specifications.

TU sliding bea

Our different types of bushes

« TU » bushes are self-lubricant bushes mainly used in industrial applications, in material used by professionals or by the general public: public works, robotics, handling, the car industry, electrical and domestic appliances, etc. 
TU bushes are made of 4 different layers: 

  • The outside area of the bush is a thin tin or copper layer which improves temperature resistance.
  • The frame is made of steel to improve mechanical resistance.
  • A third layer made of porous sintered bronze, necessary to the bonding of the sliding layer. 
  • A fourth layer made of PTFE and Lead ensures sliding through good lubrication and avoids early wear and tear and too much friction.

TX Bushes

TX bush is self-lubricating and mainly used in environments with high constraints, such as agriculture (farming industry) and public works. It can also be used in material handling systems, lifting systems and in ski-lifts.
TX bush is also composed of 4 different layers: 

  • The outside area is a copper plating.
  • The frame is made of steel as for the TU.
  • The third layer is also made of porous sintered. 
  • The last layer is made of acetal resin (POM) with cylindrical alveolate surface allowing to retain grease/oil or lubricant. It has great properties to prevent from wear and tear as well as frictions.
TX Bronze bearings
TY Bushes

TY Bushes

TY bushes are self-lubricant mainly used in applications with heavy load and therefore need particular lubrication. It can be found in material for public works and in mechanical press and rolling mills. This kind of bush is smaller and therefore can replace sintered bronze bush. 
The TY bush is composed of 3 different layers: 

  • The outside area is a copper plating, as in the TX bush.
  • The frame of the bush is made of steel, as for the TU and TX bushes. 
  • The last one is made of porous sintered bronze with different types of alveolate surfaces: 
    • Spherically-shaped alveolate surface (TY-AS) : for oil lubrication.
    • Diamond-shaped alveolate surface (TY-AL) : for lubrication with grease

TZ Bushes

TZ bushes are solid, fits to heavy loads, and is well adapted to transport vehicles, mechanical press as well as to the different existing industrial systems.
TZ bushes are particular, because composed of only one layer: the frame of the TZ is made of bronze, and is used as sliding surface and backing/support. This strip has holes or indentations which allows to maintain moderate wear over time. These holes and alveolate surfaces can be:  

  • Spherical holes (TZ-T): this bush is well adapted to environments with high constraints, lubrication can be spaced. Holes can contain much more grease than alveolate surfaces.
  • Spherically-shaped alveolate surfaces (TZ-AS) : to be used with oil.
  • Diamond-shaped alveolate surfaces (TZ-AL) : to be used with grease.
TZ Bushes
TI Bushes

TI Bushes

TI bushes are self-lubricant and are not composed of bronze. This bush is a recognized item in the chemicals industry. TI bushes have an excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, there are used for various applications, such as pool elements or in the navy. Moreover, TI bushes are mainly used in the food industry.
What distinguish TI bushes is that they are composed of only two layers: 

  • The frame of TI bushes is made of steel, and therefore has excellent corrosion resistance. 
  • The second layer of TI bushes is made of PTFE offering high resistance to most of chemical products and perfect sliding.  

TU, TX, TY, TZ, TI - How to choose your Chromex bushes ?

The choice of the bush depends on many criteria, as for example load, working temperature range or speed. According to the above mentioned criteria and according to chemical and mechanical properties of each profile, you will find the item that will best suit your needs. 
The Chromex team can help you to set up the brief according to your application and find the best solution. We can also provide you with the data sheet of our products and produce tailor-made bushes. 

Chromex sintered bushes

Chromex can offer a wide range of bronze sintered bushes (CFB) and of steel sintered bushes (CFF).

The bronze sintered bush is self-lubricating, because saturated with oil, and maintenance free. It is perfectly adapted to small systems with high rotation speed (up to 6m/s according to working environment). It also has a low friction coefficient. 
Bronze sintered bushes are mainly mounted in industrial equipments such as drilling machines, mixers or screwers. 

The steel sintered bush is self-lubricating, because saturated with oil, and maintenance free. It is perfectly adapted to applications with low rotation speed (up to 4m/s according to the working environment) and to high/heavy loads (Maximum load of 22N/mm² compared to CFB which support 10N/mm²). This bush also has a low friction coefficient.