Chromex, manufacturer of industrial sealing solutions

Chromex, a human and family business

Chromex : a human size company

Chromex is a human size SME which is specialized in the manufacturing and the retail of sealing gaskets/solutions. 

Chromex can provide you with a wide range of sealing solutions, such as Orings, oil seals or tailor-made cut gaskets. Our team is composed of 14 people who work towards the improvement of customer satisfaction by answering your daily sealing solutions requests. Our human size affords close communication between all Chromex’s departments and great responsiveness in order to answer your enquiries within 48 Hours.

Specialist of tailor-made cut gaskets and seal kits

Chromex is specialised in tailor-made cut gaskets and seal kits.

We have the possibility to manufacture tailor-made cut gaskets based on your drawing, a model part or simply based on requested sizes while complying with your requirements.

Chromex benefits also from a historical knowledge regarding tailor-made kits.

We have the possibility to assemble the seal kits. These kits are composed according to your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to send us your enquiries, we will answer you without delay.

Visuals of several joints with the French flag - Chromex

The “Made in France” label

Thanks to its knowledge in tailor-made gaskets and to its machine tools, Chromex can provide you with tailor-made cut gaskets made in France. These tailor-made gaskets are manufactured in our plant located in the department of Essonne (40 Km away from Paris). Local french production represents a big asset for your enquiries. Indeed, you will not only benefit from the Made in France Label but also have the guarantee of short delivery times. In fact, we are able to manufacture you tailor-made gaskets within 48 to 72 hours.

Techné Group Logo

The Techné Group

Chromex became part of the Techné Group in 2004 and we are proud to say that we share the same values.

The Techné Group is composed of several companies and each entity has its own specific knowledge: Techné and Créat are located in France, especially in the Rhône region and are specialised in the manufacturing of moulded and machined parts made in France. The Techné Group has subsidiaries located in Shanghai, Hong-Kong and in Turkey concerning the group’s sealing division, but it benefits also from its own production plant, TTRC in China. 

The Techné groups has also integrated the valve market thanks to the activity of two of its companies:  H+ Valves and Rampini. 

All teams of the Techné Group are involved in a Corporate Social Responsibility approach (CSR) by placing human being at the very heart of business exchanges. We are proud to have long-term partnerships with our customers and our suppliers.