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Actualités de Chromex


Chromex grows and improves its reactivity

The 18/01/2016 to 07:45:00 News

Chromex invests in its logistic platform: new building, & installation of an automated storage system for a better reactivity.

New Building


With the construction of a 750 m² wide building, Chromex doubles its storage area. This extension, combined with the installation of an automated storage system, helped Chromex dispatching department to rethink its logistic platform with a clear aim: increasing the reactivity in the preparation of customers’ orders.

The new building as the former one belongs to a SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) in which all employees of the group may invest. This reflects Techné group’s will to build its development in close cooperation with its employees.

A new automated storage system

Through an automated vertical storage over 7 meters high, the MODULA tower allows faster and more reliable order picking for all Chromex customers.

MODULA towers benefits:

  • Non-compliance reduction (can include photos of removed products)
  • Secure access: different access levels with passwords
  • Moving reduction between the various buildings
  • Floor space optimisation
  • Simple and intuitive interaction through touch screen terminal
  • Stock management in real time with MODULA WMS software
  • Time savings for deposit and withdrawal
  • Security: no more stairs, steps, etc.
  • Restriction of references per pallet
  • Storage areas release

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