Plastics : strong, resistant and sustainable materials

Plastic is not a material but a group of plastics that includes thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.
Chromex benefits from a wide range of thermoplastics that can be used in various industrial areas, such as the medical-, petrochemical-, food-, or pharmaceutical industries. 
Our expertise of cut gaskets enables us to advise you and help you choose the material that will be perfectly adapted to your requirements. Moreover, Chromex can also provide you with French machined-parts, manufactured at TECHNE in our wide range of mentioned plastic materials.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (or PTFE) is a fluoropolymer called Teflon™. This is the most popular material of the industry because of its wide temperatures range (-150°C up to +260°C), its food industry approvals (FDA and CE1935/2004 approved), its great chemical inertness, and its very low friction coefficient.

Virgin PTFE cut gaskets are mainly used in the chemical valves and fittings industry, plumbing and for flanges of the food industry.

Chromex can also provide gaskets within a wide range of reinforced PTFE: Glass filled PTFE, graphite filled PTFE, carbon filled PTFE etc. 

We also manufacture expanded PTFE cut gaskets (ePTFE). This microporous material has many assets:  ePTFE is flexible, manually deformable and resistant to most of the existing chemical products.


Polyamide (or PA) is a synthetic material also called Nylon® (or PA6-6). Polyamides are polymers obtained through steam clustering effect between diamine and carboxylic diacid : Polymers have excellent mechanical properties and great resistance to abrasion, chemical products and a good tensile strength. Polyamides are used for gears, brake fluid tanks and slide bearings in the automotive industry.  

We have many possibilities to machine seals in one of these materials (PA, PA6, PA66, PA6G, Ertalon™, etc.).

Other thermoplastics

Chromex benefits from several production options to manufacture thermoplastic cut gaskets.

At Chromex, we can manufacture tailor-made gaskets in polycarbonate (PC) which is also a thermoplastic material. PC has great mechanical properties and most importantly great transparency.

We have available stock of polyethylene (PE) which is a thermoplastic material. Polyethylene exists under a variety of solutions. However, the core material used in the sealing industry is the high-density polyethylene (PEHD). This material has many assets: it is resistant to corrosion, to soil’s aggressiveness and can be machined. 

Moreover, Chromex is able to manufacture PVC cut gaskets in very thin thicknesses (0.3mm). 

We can also manufacture your thermoplastic gaskets in POM (polyacetal resin) and PEEK.

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